EMS programs

Since 1993 the Tri-Valley Fire Department has been hiring EMT-III's and Paramedics to cope with the high call volume due to the summer tourism season. Advanced Life Support (ALS) personnel have the opportunity for summer employment with the Tri-Valley Fire Department. Come to the station or Call to learn more.

From time to time the Department puts on ETT and EMT classes to train our personnel so they can respond to medical emergencies in our service area.

ETT's have the unique opportunity to apply for our summer internship. Interns work along side our Summer EMS staff to gain valuable knowledge and experience to advance in the EMS field. Our summer internship is completely funded by donations from the community, your support is greatly appreciated.

Fire Training Programs

Firefighter Basic (FFB): This teaches the basics of the incident management system and how to stay safe on the fire ground as well as CPR & 1st aid.

Firefighter Intermediate (FFI): This course is designed to take the FFB from the "cold" zone into the "warm" zone, doing external attack, using ground ladders, fire extinguishers, hoses and nozzles, and gives them a basic understanding of fire behavior.

Firefighter Advanced (FFA): This course will take what a FFI already knows and expand on all of it. We will also introduce interior operations like fire attack, searches, and victim removal.

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you want training and experience as a volunteer firefighter? Volunteer Today at the Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department. Come to any of our Tuesday night training meetings at 7:00 PM or Call to learn more. Look above to download a copy of our On-Call Responder Application! Please email or drop by your application! And then start coming to the meetings!

Opportunities for Advancement
Volunteers who want to advance in the Department or who want to make a career in Emergency Services have many opportunities to advance. Whether its as a Driver, an Engineer, or as a member of the rope rescue team. From time to time we offer a Fire Ground Support, ETT, and EMT classes. 


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Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department

TVVFD Training Schedule

1st - EMS
EMS meeting are usually held on the 1st Tuesday of each month, these meeting offer you an opportunity to get trained on how to assist EMT's on scene and offers those who are EMT's a chance to practice their skills and refine their skills in the Emergency Medial Field. Com to the meetings or Call to learn more.

2nd - Fire
Fire meetings are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, these meetings off you an opportunity to get trained in fire ground operations for both structural and Wildland firefighting. Come to the meeting or Call to learn more.

3rd - Rig Check

The 3rd Tuesday of the each month is for maintaining and stocking our vehicles. 

4th - Rescue
Rescue meetings are usually held on the 4th Tuesday of each month, these meetings offer you a chance to get training in vehicle extrication, Search and Rescue, and technical rope rescues. Come to the meetings or Call to learn more.

5th - Driving Training/misc. training