Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department

In mid April the Alaska wildland fire season begins, and lasts until the end of September. Here at TVFD we frequently respond to wildland fires within the Denali Borough. We currently have 3 Brush trucks in operation, with one in reserve, and continuously train all of our personnel to safely and effectively fight wildland fires throughout these summer months. 

We are currently phasing in our new Firefighter training program which will take new volunteers and train them to the Firefighter Basic level. Volunteers who wish to advance in the levels of firefighting will be moved up to Firefighter Intermediate and then to Firefighter Advanced. We currently have two state certified Firefighter 1's in our department. We are hoping to send more out to classes not only in Alaska, but in the lower 48 as well.


Service to our community began with a single engine to provide fire protection to our community and that mission stands today, having the training, and our equipment at the ready to provide fast and effective fire control to our community is our top priority. We are committed to quality hands on training for our firefighters to ensure safety and effectiveness on the fire ground.

2021 Runs: 19