Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department is committed to providing education and opportunities to the youth of the Tri-Valley area. In May of 2011 we began our ETT program, getting High School aged youths 16-18 certified as Emergency Trauma Technicians (ETTs) and trained in ambulance operations and patient care. 

In the summer of 2012 we began the ETT Summer Internship Program. Funded entirely by the community this Program has the interns work along side the seasonal EMT's and Paramedics that we have on staff. Interns practice their skills and actively save lives alongside their seasoned counterparts.

From May to September the tourism industry takes off here in the service area. We get upwards of 1 million visitors a year, and a huge number of seasonal employees. It is for this reason that Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department began hiring EMT-IIIs and Paramedics for the summer season in 1993. Today our summer staff works a week on week off schedule, and keep at least two medical personnel on call for a shift for EMS coverage 24 hours a day, 7days a week. 

EMS is the most called upon service that Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department provides to the service area. We have two Ambulances that we use along with our experienced EMS personnel to provide expert Emergency Medical care to all of our patients. We currently have 7 EMT-IIIs, 3 EMT-IIs, 3 EMT-Is, and 9 ETTs that run on our Ambulances year round.

2021 Runs: 19

Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department